Barbara B. Stewart

Artist Statement 

Very simply, I use quilting techniques to create contemporary fiber art.  It’s risky to use the word “quilting” as it brings up visions of traditional block patterns.  In my beginnings,   I attempted these patterns but found the repetitiveness of effort wasn’t satisfying or rewarding. I found that I didn’t have the patience or perseverance to seek perfection. Having discovered the appeal of contemporary work, I found that the combination of fabric, thread, batting, and on occasion, embellishment, can be combined for an amazing visual experience.  What “ties the ribbon” on the experience is depicting my inspirations (family, music, faith)  in amazing color and shape that reflects these foundations for living.

My purpose is to encourage viewers to feel and think about their everyday inspirations in a new way.  Through my fiber art, I’ve discovered the importance of bringing those elements that are often pushed to the background of our existence to the forefront.   This fiber art form allows me to keep the daily minutia in perspective, dedicate time and energy to an activity that is therapeutic in effect, and focus on what’s really important in life.

My work is very colorful with bold lines.  It is joyful – and sometimes funny.  I think humor is important in life.  And, I use every bit of what I create – my pieces made from scraps can be better and more interesting than the primary piece from which they came.  It is a funny thing how the little bits are sometimes better than the major undertaking.  This is often a true reflection of my life.  I hope you smile as you view my art.  Enjoy!